Check out some of our volunteer opportunities:

Lawn Care:
Windermere owns over 300 acres of land, most of it is open field needing care. Freshly cut grass does not only smell good but also increase aesthetics and keeps down the number of bugs. 

Kitchen and Dining Hall:
Our kitchen and dining hall serves three meals a day for upwards of 1500 people. This ministry is not possible with out the help of volunteers doing many things like serving food or clearing tables. 

Auto Mechanic:
Vehicles are what helps Windermere operate, but this vehicles sometimes break down or need general maintenance. Volunteers help by replacing tires, changing oil, fixing broken down vehicles, and many other things. 

Flower Care:
The flowers around campus add significantly to the beauty of Windermere, but these flowers do not grow themselves. They need many things like weeding and watering. 

Whether you want more information about programs we offer or you are interested in more volunteering opportunities for you and your family, we are here to help. Sit back and allow our staff to answer your questions.

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